Relaxing at The Rumpus Room

After a long day of work my guy and I decided to head to The Rumpus room based on my roommates recommendation. As soon as we got inside I knew this place was just a casual good time. It was dark and decorated like a garage converted into a bachelor pad from the 70s. A guy came by and told us to sit anywhere but the only space left was a old couch by the windows. We immediately noticed under the coffee table in front of us were a bunch of cool games and toys ranging from jenga to an old etch-a-sketch with the coolest picture ever.

We got around to ordering from the decently sized menu. Most of it was comfort food like Mac and cheese, sandwiches and pasta. There was even a create your own hot dog section with a bunch of toppings. One interesting option was the deep fried pickle. We decided to get honey garlic wings and the LGBT (lettuce guag bacon and tomato I believe). I also scanned the drinks menu and found a nice choice of cocktails, wines and beer. I settled on one of my favorites, the Phillips Blue Buck beer. The highlight of the drinks was probably the famous pickleback. Its a shot of Jameson with a chaser of pickle juice. Sure sounds like they have a thing for pickles doesn't it?

Our food arrived quickly and I found out that the wings were boneless, which was slightly weird but they turned out to still be juice and tasty. They were more like chicken fingering the end. The fries that came with the sandwich were amazing, I'm not to sure if they were potatoes or not but they were better than the average house fries.

After our mains were decided to get dessert and went for the deep fried Reese peanut butter cups. It arrived with three pieces and a glob of ice cream served in a bucket. Super sweet, filling and painfully delicious.

It's a great little place to go for a relaxed atmosphere and not overly complicated. I'd definitely like to go back and try their bunch.

The Rumpus Room
2689 Main Street

Not your school cafeteria

Cafeteria opened on main a while ago and one of my friends kept telling me about how she loves it so much. Deciding on dinner I headed down there on a Wednesday night with a few other people. On the corner on Main and 11th its on an unsuspecting corner just close to Cascade Room. We got a seat right away and there was probably only 10 tables at max. Their menu is cleverly posted on wall just like it used to be in high school with the little white letters that were switched daily for different meals. After asking the waitress I found out they change their menu up quite frequently to keep things fresh, usually about once a week or so but dishes come and go from their menu quite often.

I ended up getting a seared snapper with Gnocchi and vegetables with a red pepper sauce. It was light, sweet and well prepared. It was a nice dish but nothing spectacular. My friend got a risotto with a osso buco. Very tender. We also got a dessert, which ended up being a flourless torte with a pistachio cream. It was dense but not heavy and sweet.

A good overall experience but I'm not sure if the food outweighed the price on this one. Perhaps I'm not a huge fan, but it was still worth the experience and seeing what the town was talking about.

2702 Main St. Vancouver

Sweet Things

I'm definitely a sugar addict. My sweet tooth has constant cravings for desserts and anything sugary. Here's a few photos of some recent food pursuits.

Dessert at Sweet Revenge. Chocolate mousse cake (left); Pear pudding (right)
This awesome little place is a great place for specialty desserts and teas. Prices on desserts can range from $5-$20.

Sweet Revenge
4160 Main St. Vancouver

Making a cake for my friend's birthday. It's been a while since I've baked but with the help of a few friends we were able to make a couple of small cakes.

Making the glaze.

Heart shaped cake.

The finished product

In front of the awesome cake box we got from daiso.

Angel food cake with strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries

Rhizome Cafe

I grabbed a quick brunch at Rhizome Cafe today with a friend. Walking into the cafe I immediately felt like I was back in Victoria. It holds true to the hipster/alternative feel of the mount pleasant and main street area. It's nice and relaxed and large art pieces decorate the wall. Brunch was being served till 3pm so decided to get the pumpkin-seed pesto tofu scramble with salad and corn bread (as pictured). My friend got french toast. The food was good, the tofu scrambled resembled eggs a lot and the I loved the corn bread. I've never had corn with actual corn pieces in it before so it was a nice surprise. I still think the best corn bread I've had in Vancouver was at s'il vous plait downtown but alas that has closed down. The tofu scramble had a nice light flavouring that wasn't too strong and a great texture. The salad wasn't anything special. The french toast came with two pieces and was pretty run of the mill. I might say it was delightfully fluffy yet crisp at the same time. We were debating on how they get it that way. The portion sizes were decent but still enough to be filling. The prices definitely matched the amount I got. I ended up paying about $10.50 for the meal, which is really reasonable in comparison to a lot of other places in Vancouver. The only complaint I have is the service, as our food took quite a while to come and our waitress didn't do a whole lot for us. The place wasn't busy at all but our food took around 20+ minutes to arrive. The waitress took forever to take our order and bring us water or whatever else. It could've been an off day for her but who knows.

I definitely want to go back to Rhizome and try their regular menu. Plus they always have shows and other community events going on, which is super cool.

Rhizome Cafe (Vancouver)
317 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5T1W5
(604) 872-3166

Cafe Gloucester

When I was in high school everyone always mentioned this place and apparently it was quite the popular place. The name even makes it seem all high and mighty but honestly I don't find it anything incredible. Located on Cambie St. just after King Ed it's probably one of the few chinese restaurants in the area (given its Vancouver it says a lot) Cambie has a wide variety of different foods and Gloucester adds to the mix. Went there again tonight for dinner, I think this was the second time I've been and I had another decent meal.

This is what we ordered:
BBQ Pork fried rice noodles - classic chinese dish, pretty good
Baked spaghetti with pork chop - tasty
beef and vegetables - way too salty and tried to add too much flavor
honey garlic pork chop - was pretty tasty in my opinion, large pieces of meat
fried rice - typical, nothing special

I always forget to take pictures now whenever I eat food. Hopefully this summer I'll try out some new places. I have to find a job first, so broke!

Food Finds

1. I guess that companies are always trying to find new ways to get people to eat fruit and these stickers are no exception. I've seen quite a few poping up all over the place. I guess whatever makes fruit more fun! Apparently Chiquita Banana's has been doing it for a while.

According to Chiquita's website (

"Our Chiquita sticker is recognized by people of all generations. Over the years, we’ve used the stickers to announce our sponsorship of the 1980 Olympics, celebrate Miss Chiquita’s 50th birthday, and simply put a smile on a child’s face."

Monkeyball from the nintendo wii

Kanye Banana

2. I couldn't resist this find at superstore. Perhaps chicken stock would've suited just as well.

There are a ton of places I want to do reviews on, if only I can find the time.

Heron Rock Bistro

I was looking for a place to eat last weekend when I stumbled across Heron Rock Bistro. Its categorized under "affordable fine-dining" and I think that describes the place perfectly. If you're looking for a nicer place to eat without breaking the bank this is could be a good option. It was a satisfying meal but wasn't superb beyond belief.

The small bistro is located right in the heart of James Bay. They were very accommodating when we made reservations for a large group and added several more people last minute. The restaurant atmosphere was alright. They're aiming for that fine dining/romantic atmosphere with candles and low lighting. I can't stand low lighting in restaurants. Honestly, I would appreciate it if I could see my food thank you very much. I did like the works of art that featured local artists.

The menu isn't very extensive but each item sounds delicious.
I decided to go with the Fraser Valley Duck (as seen in the picture). The portion was just enough to satisfy me without making me feel overfull. The Gnocchi was soft but not as chewy as I'd have liked it to be. The apricots definitely added a special flavor to the overall meal. The duck was tender and juicy and was a lot like turkey. I liked the dish, I'm just not sure it was worth $22.

The pasta special was pretty good that night. You had a dish of pasta and a glass of wine for about $20. Maybe I should have gone with that instead.

Another friend has the quiche, which was accompanied by a salad. It was a bit small portion wise.

However I liked how the restaurant used a lot of local ingredients and the seafood was ocean wise. It's great to see places trying to be more sustainable in nature.
Overall it was a pleasant experience. I'm not sure I would go back again as I don't think it was worth the price of the meal.

2.5 food comas out of 5

Heron Rock Bistro